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Amid the labyrinthine complexities of modern life – besieged by obligations, distractions, and an overwhelming mix of digital and physical clutter – Oxford Organized emerges as a sanctuary of sense.   Angela Durham, the venture’s guiding force, does not merely tidy up rooms; she orchestrates a more tranquil, manageable, and fulfilling life journey – one drawer, one closet, one space at a time.  Though Durham has been a lifelong devotee of organization – “Even as a child, I would create systems for my toys,” she said – her story pivots around a profound personal loss.  

When her father passed away, Durham reevaluated her life’s trajectory, returning to her roots in Oxford. With 15 years in business franchising, she combined her passion for organization and business acumen to set up Oxford Organized.   “During my visits back to Oxford, I noticed there weren’t many home organizers. After my dad passed away, I knew it was time to get home and pursue my entrepreneurial dream,” she said.  For Durham, her business serves as a platform for more than just decluttering spaces; it is also about dismantling barriers. 

“Honestly, I have felt very supported in Oxford,” she noted, attributing her earlier experience in franchising for helping her navigate any challenges. Her counsel to women in the business world echoes her path: “Cultivate a network of diverse women at various stages of success; create meaningful relationships and support and mentor each other.”  Durham’s approach is empathetic and client-centric, starting with a questionnaire designed to understand the space and its daily use.   Durham respects the emotional attachments people have to their belongings. “It’s crucial for the client to at least see or touch all the items we are decluttering,” she said. Durham helps clients find inventive ways to honor sentimental items while keeping their spaces functional.

Durham is already working on expanding her influence beyond Oxford through e-courses, digital downloads and emerging technologies. “I have some digital downloads in the works, including an e-planner,” she shares.  Durham’s perspective on Oxford Organized goes far beyond business – it is a philosophy for life focused on personal well-being. “An organized life isn’t merely a luxury – it’s a form of essential self-care everyone deserves,” she said.  

For those of you ready to reclaim your space and peace of mind, a consultation from Oxford Organized might be a significant step toward empowerment, liberation and joy, Durham said.  Contact her on LinkedIn or the Oxford Organized website for more information. 

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